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Noun1.Andrea Palladio - highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)Andrea Palladio - highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)
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ALI) chair Fernando Zobel de Ayala was awarded the Andrea Palladio International Prize at this year's Dedalo
No expense was spared in the creation of Palladio, whose design was inspired by Andrea Palladio, the celebrated 16th-century Venetian architect.
He dismissed Andrea Palladio as unimportant and excoriated his work, especially the church of II Redentore.
9) Actualmente el lienzo Las bodas de Caanan se ubica en el Museo del Louvre, despues de que Napoleon ordenara, en 1797, que se sustrajera del refectorio del convento benedictino de la isla veneciana de San Giorgi, que edifico Andrea Palladio.
To give thanks for the ending of the Plague, the Doge, Alvise I Mocenigo, promised to build a magnificent church, and commissioned the famous architect, Andrea Palladio, to oversee this.
This rigorous study focuses on how humanist Daniele Barbaro and architect Andrea Palladio projected Vitruvian principles onto the Venetian cityscape as they produced their own influential works of architectural theory.
The latest jewel in its crown comes from being nominated for the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards ( APIJA) instituted by the Fiera di Vicenza.
A brilliant and engaging compilation of essays regarding the contributions of 50 Italians (some expected, some rather unexpected, including Christopher Columbus, Andrea Palladio, and Claudio Monteverdi) to the creation and development of everything from electricity to ballet, political theory, automobiles, dictatorship, and music.
In what is probably the masterpiece of the exhibition, the large-scale view of the Bacino di San Marco (or inner harbor of the city), he rendered the spars and rigging of each boat with consummate precision, yet turned the church of San Giorgio Maggiore so viewers could see its magnificent front, designed by Andrea Palladio, face on.
Notably, Andrea Palladio had once spent some time in the village on commission to construct the Villa Sarego or Santa Sofia (c.
But it's not just Jefferson who fell for the genius of Andrea Palladio.