Andrea del Sarto

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An·dre·a del Sar·to

 (än-drā′ə dĕl sär′tō) Originally Andrea d'Agnolo di Francesco. 1486-1531.
Italian painter whose works, including a fresco cycle of the life of John the Baptist, epitomize Florentine classicism.

Andrea del Sarto

(Italian anˈdrea del ˈsarto)
(Biography) See Sarto

An•dre•a del Sar•to

(ɑnˈdreɪ ə dɛl ˈsɑr toʊ)
(Andrea Domenico d'Annolo di Francesco) 1486–1531, Italian painter.
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As his young colleague Andrea Sarto practices on a skateboard, Galileo (played in a shapeless business suit by Falstaffian actor Levente Kiraly) expounds his celestial theories, concepts apparently so powerful they conjure up appearances by Spielberg's knobby-headed ET, glimpsed through a picture window, and asbestos-clad spacemen with ray guns, who drop in to check the contents of the fridge--and so heretical that representatives of the Inquisition, a crew of ghoulish Mutant Ninja Turtles in monks' robes, arrive to refute them in a musical number utilizing hula hoops as orbiting visual aids.