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Noun1.Andrew Marvell - English poet (1621-1678)Andrew Marvell - English poet (1621-1678)    
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All the lyric poets of whom I have told you were Royalists, but the Puritans too had their poets, and before ending this chapter I would like to tell you a little of Andrew Marvell, a Parliamentary poet.
Andrew Marvell, a very moderate Puritan, joined with Milton in his office of Latin Secretary under Cromwell, wrote much poetry of various sorts, some of it in the Elizabethan octosyllabic couplet.
Examining the intersection of literary tradition and horticultural innovation, "The Language of Fruit" traces how writers from Andrew Marvell to Jane Austen responded to the challenges posed by the evolving social, economic, and symbolic functions of fruit over the long eighteenth century.
WORDWISE: B WHO AM I: Andrew Marvell. 10 QUESTIONS: 1.
A Sir Walter Raleigh B Ben Jonson C Andrew Marvell D John Donne 11.
A Criminal Investigative Agency B Central Internal Authority C Central Intelligence Agency D Crime Initiative Association A Sir Walter Raleigh B Ben Jonson C Andrew Marvell D John Donne 2.
A historian with special expertise in historiography, he spent most of his days researching and teaching the science and politics of remembrance, the tendentious velocity of 'time's winged chariot' ( in Andrew Marvell's metaphysical phraseology), the attitudinal peculiarities which often influence the recording, calibration, and valuation of events in spatio-temporal terms, and the ineluctable ontology (and capacity) of History as Art and Science.
Speaking of powerful art, if you devoured "Seven Great Poems on Independence" (TOS Summer 2017), you'll love our latest installment in the series, "Seven Poems on Living Large and Loving Life." Comprising works by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John James Ingalls, Andrew Marvell, Edward Rowland Sill, Gaius Valerius Catullus, Charlotte Bronte, and Berton Braley, this is yet another pallet of high-octane fuel for the soul.
Annihilating all that's made/To a green thought in a green shade.' Andrew Marvell's words, which speak of how ideas might bud in the seclusion of a garden, come to mind at the studio of the painter Raqib Shaw.
Chapter 8 examines privacy in Andrew Marvell's poetry and prose.
Using an ecofeminist lens shows how Andrew Marvell's Fairfax poems employ traditional constructions of nature as feminine in order to shore up the power of the patriarchal subject.
It brings to mind John Donne's No Man is an Island while Maurer's metaphors of the garden, and of light shining through windows, resonate with Andrew Marvell's The Garden and George Herbert's The Windows.