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 (än′drĭch), Ivo 1892-1975.
Yugoslavian writer of novels dealing with the history of the Balkans. He won the 1961 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Serbo-Croatian ˈandritʃ)
(Biography) Ivo (ˈiːvɔ). 1892–1975, Serbian novelist; author of The Bridge on the Drina (1945): Nobel prize for literature 1961


(ˈɑn drɪtʃ)

n. Ivo,
1892–1975, Yugoslavian poet, novelist, and short-story writer: Nobel prize 1961.
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The Humanitarian Law Center on Friday filed a criminal complaint against Svetozar Andric, the former commander of the Bosnian Serb Army's BiraA Brigade, alleging that he illegally ordered the removal of more than 10,000 Bosniaks from the town of Zvornik on May 28, 1992.
The Bulgarian Embassy claims that Moon Storm Enterprises and its Executive Manager, Goran Andric, both named in the contract, are linked to Slobodan Tesic, a Serbian national listed in the travel ban annex to UNSC Resolution 1521.
BNP Paribas acted as financial adviser to Piraeus Bank on the transaction, whilst Clifford Chance and Andric Law Office acted as legal counsel.
Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by head of the delegation, chief of the Transport Department at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Transport and Communications, assistant minister Zoran Andric, specialist for international cooperation of the transport sector Miroslav Deric, specialist for issues of international agreements of legal and financial sector for the issues of international agreements, Mrs.
Katja Rudolph's Evergreen Award-nominated first novel follows the Serb-Croat Andric family--journalist father, pianist mother, teenage son, six-year-old twin daughters, and younger son, Jevrem, eleven--as the siege of Sarajevo destroys their happy lives, forcing them to flee to Toronto.
Discusses and offers a translation from the original Serbo-Croatian of a 1919 essay on Whitman by Yugoslav writer and Nobelist Ivo Andric (1892-1975).
The novel is written in the voice of young man, Jevrem Andric, the son of a Serb father and Croatian mother living in Sarajevo in 1992.
Jordan was nominated by her colleague, Oleg Andric, associate professor and department chair of Palm Beach State's Electrical Power Technology program.
A summary of typical dual/polarization values for some cool/season precipitation types and microphysical processes (adapted from Ryzhkov and Zrnic 1998; Andric et al.
Zalkalns' former landlord Rado Andric, 64, said: "He was a loner, he used to ride his bike around the park a lot.
Last night Zalkalns' former landlord Rado Andric, 64, said: "He is a loner, he used to ride his bike around the park a lot.
A neighbour, Radoslav Andric, told police said: "He had a plastic bag and was in a hurry.