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Noun1.Andricus - cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaksAndricus - cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaks
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Cynipidae, family Cynipidae - a family of Hymenoptera
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Roedd wedi'i ganfod ar warchodfa Tanygader yn Awst 2008, ac meddai: "y wenynen Andricus quercuscalicis sy'n achosi'r chwydd.
Taxonomically, Callirhytis is a genus close to Andricus, and for a time, the former was included as a subgenus of Andricus (Nieves-Aldrey 2001; Melika 2006).
Cynipinae Andricus kollari (Hartig) Callirhytis erithrocephala (Giraud) Diplolepis rosae (Linnaeus) Neuroterus politus Hartig Phanasis hypochoeridis (Kieffer) Plagiotrochus amenti Kieffer Plagiotrochus australis (Mayr) Plagiotrochus britaniae Barbotin Plagiotrochus quercusilicis (Fabricius) Plagiotrochus cardiguensis (Tavares) Saphonecrus barbotini Pujade-Villar & Nieves-Aldrey Saphonecrus gallaepomiformis (Boyer de Fonscolombe) Eschatocerus acaciae (Mayr) Eschatocerus myriadeus Kieffer & Joergensen Eschatocerus niger Kieffer & Joergensen Synergus nicaraguensis Diaz & Gallardo Synergus umbraculus (Olivier) FIGITIDAE 1.
Longitudinal range expansion and cryptic eastern species in the western Palaearctic oak gallwasp, Andricus coriarius.
olivaceus: Ectinorus levipes (Jordan y Rothschild), Eritranis andricus Jordan, Nosopsyllus londinenses (Rothschild), N.
Out of Anatolia: longitudinal gradients in genetic diversity support an eastern origin for a circum-Mediterranean oak gallwasp Andricus quercustozae.
Other persistent and visible oak galls are formed as an irregularly oval growth on the lower petiole by Andricus quercuspetiolicola (Bassett).
Tribe of gall inducer Gall inducer Inquiline Cynipini Andricus quercusradicis (And) Neuroterus numismalis (Neu) Synergus crassicornis (Sye) Biorhiza pallida (Bio) Ceroptres arator (Cer) Rhoditini Diplolepis rosae (Dip) Periclistus brandtii (Per) Aylacini Diastrophus turgidus (Dia) Synophromorpha terricola (Syo) Isocolus rogenhoferi (Iso) none Aylax papaveris (Ayl) none Phanacis phoenixopodos (Pha) none
The insects had been reared from galls of Andricus quercuslaurinus Melika & PujadeVillar (Cynipidae: Cynipini) recently described from Mexico as a serious pest on Quercus laurina Humb.
Andricus broteriae, nomen novum pro Andricus panteli (Kieffer, 1901) non Wachtl 1879 (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae).