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 (ăn′drə-klēz′) also An·dro·clus (-kləs)
A legendary Roman slave held to have been spared in the arena by a lion that remembered him as the man who had once removed a thorn from its paw.


(ˈændrəˌkliːz) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) (in Roman legend) a slave whose life was spared in the arena by a lion from whose paw he had once extracted a thorn


(ˈæn drəˌkliz)

a Roman slave, in a fable of the 1st–2nd centuries a.d., who was spared in the arena by a lion from whose foot he had once extracted a thorn.
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The upper right corner displayed a group of Amazons, theorized to be possible founders, while the opposite side reflected a man riding a horse as they chased a boar -- the scene representing Androclus, the forebearer of this great city.
Earlier in his career, Bilinsky was CEO of Androclus Therapeutics.
Stories: Arion and the dolphin, from Herodotus (16.19, discussed below); Androclus and the Lion, from Apion (5.14); the death of Alexander's horse, from Chares (5.2).