n.1.(Astron.) A meteor appearing to radiate from a point in the constellation Andromeda, - whence the name.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Flight is completely dishonorable in such circumstances, (as when Phinee flees Persee in Andromede [5.5] or when Dorante hastily abandons marriage, home, and father in the action bridging Le Menteur and La Suite du Menteur).
The company received its USD14.5 million, primarily from the investment company Andromede, which now becomes the company's largest investor.
Working with the crew of the French ship Andromede, Scots seamen spent a week scanning the northern Gulf to find old military weapons on the seabed.
The Project Andromede offers customers IS/PS services from French datacentres, guaranteeing customer security and providing legal recourse.
Nat., 7.16 au sujet du nain Conapas et de la naine Andromede, affranchie de Julia Augusta.
Upcoming roles include covering Adele in the Metroplitan Opera's production of Die Fledermaus (2013/14) and Princesse Andromede in Persee (Opera Atelier, Toronto, and Opera royal du Chateau de Versailles, 2014).
In Chapter Four, Williams considers the dramatist Pierre Corneille's courtly tragedy Andromede, now firmly established in French belles lettres as an allegory of "[t]he politics - national, generic, and sexual--of generation and of the conception, birth, and management of monsters" (169).
(22) His name appears in a hand-written cast list for Andromede, but without any record of a performance.
23 December 2011 - French IT services group Atos (EPA:ATO) is willing to join the cloud computing project Andromede, following the withdrawal of software developer Dassault Systemes (EPA:DSY), French daily Les Echos said.
Apres l'avoir utilisee pour petrifier Atlas, delivrer Andromede et tuer Polydectes qui retenait sa mere prisonniere, Persee offre la tete de Gorgone, le Gorgoneion ([MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]/Gorgoneion) a Athena (Bibliotheque, II, 4, 2-3) qui placa la tete de la Meduse sur son egide.
Achille Tatius presente le theme en miroitements : la description des tableaux representants Andromede et Promethee annonce aux heros leur propre enferment.