Androscoggin River

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An·dros·cog·gin River

A river of northeast New Hampshire and southwest Maine flowing about 270 km (170 mi) to the Kennebec River near the Maine coast.
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30 November 2016 - New Jersey-based hydroelectric generating facilities owner/operator Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC has acquired Brown Bear II Hydro Holdings, LLC, which owns the Lisbon Falls, Maine-based Androscoggin River 19mw run-of-river hydroelectric generating facility Worumbo Hydroelectric, the company said.
Tenders are invited for androscoggin river bridge replacement/located on north main street over the androscoggin river approximately 150 feet southerly of us route 2 junction.
Otten already has six important local, state or federal permits including zoning amendments and permission to draw water from the Androscoggin River for snowmaking.
Readers will quickly discern that Anderson, a native of Maine who grew up in a village on the Androscoggin River, knows the area and the people she writes about.
Silent roads meandered through the trees in their full autumn regalia, and past secluded lakes shimmering Bethel, a small mountain village at the side of the Androscoggin River and the base of Paradise Hill.
My destination was Bethel, a small mountain village at the side of the Androscoggin River and the base of Paradise Hill.
Natural Assets: Elevation: 665 feet; White Mountains, Grafton Loop Trail for hiking, Androscoggin River for great fishing and paddling.
In a major step forward for efforts to clean up the Androscoggin River, the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) last month ordered two paper mills and a large hydroelectric project to meet tough new water pollution standards by 2010.
The kids' eyes bulge as a bridge takes us across the Androscoggin River, and then slips into an underground tunnel, below the state highway.
The woods have been industrial timberland for over a century, including the colorful era when logs were floated through town on the Androscoggin River to sawmills downstream.
In Maine last week, I did discover that the twinned cities of Lewiston and Auburn, facing each other across the Androscoggin River, have hit on close collaboration as a way to rebuild economies devastated by the loss of textile and shoe factories.
He had been working summers at Oxford Paper, collecting water samples along the Androscoggin River, and expected to continue there.