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Noun1.Aneides - climbing salamandersAneides - climbing salamanders      
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Plethodontidae, Plethodontidae - small mostly terrestrial New World salamanders having neither lungs nor gills as adults
climbing salamander - any of several North American salamanders adapted for climbing with well-developed limbs and long somewhat squared-off toes
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The feeding ecology of Aneides flavipunctatus and sympatric plethodontid salamanders in Northwestern California.
Molecular systematics of Plethodon and Aneides (Caudata: Plethodontidae: Plethodontini): Phylogenetic analysis of an old and rapid radiation.
The recovery of Aneides ferreus/vagrans from early-middle Holocene deposits in Bear Den Cave is a first for this species group.
In addition, this parasite has a wide geographic range as it has been reported in salamanders of the genera Aneides, Desmognathus, Eurycea, Leurognathus, Notopthalmus from California, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia (see Joy & Tucker 2001 for summation).
1981) propose a similar explanation for the diversity of the plethodontid salamander genus Aneides, in which the complimentary rearrangement of carpals and tarsals better adapt species for climbing.
In this region the Plethodontini include Aneides (climbing salamanders), Ensatina (ensatina), and Plethodon (woodland salamanders); and the Bolitoglossini include Batrachoseps (slender salamanders) and Hydromantes (web-toed salamanders) (Wake 1993; Jackman et al.
tigrinum (Green), tiger salamander I Family Salamandridae (newts) Notophthalmus viridescens (Rafinesque), eastern new I Family Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders) Aneides aeneus (Cope & Packard), green salamander SE Desmognathus fuscus (Green), northern SE dusky salamander Eurycea cirrigera (Green), two-lined salamander C, S E.
Composition and structure of helminth communities of the salamanders, Aneides lugubris, Batrachoseps nigriventris, Ensatina eschscholtzii (Plethodontidae), and Taricha torosa (Salamandridae) from California.
Sexual dimorphism in head length relative to body length is found in three species of the plethodontid clade Aneides (Staub 1989).
wehrlei 11 2 Northern Two-lined Salamander Eurycea bislineata 42 10 Eastern Newt Notophthalmus viridescens 8 8 Spring Salamander Gyrinophilus porphyritints 4 2 Four-toed Salamander Hemidactylium scutatum 0 1 Green Salamander Aneides aenus 1 0 Totals 818 545 Year Species 2003 Total Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander Desmognathus ochrophaeus 282 677 Northern Dusky Salamander D.
Aneides lugubris (Isla Norte), Batrachoseps major, Uta stansburiana, Eumeces skiltonianus (islas Norte and Sur), Cnemidophorus tigris (islas Norte and Sur), Elgaria [nana.