Aneides lugubris

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Noun1.Aneides lugubris - yellow-spotted brown salamander of California woodlandsAneides lugubris - yellow-spotted brown salamander of California woodlands
climbing salamander - any of several North American salamanders adapted for climbing with well-developed limbs and long somewhat squared-off toes
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There is no alar expansion to the transverse processes on SEKI-20167, as is found on Aneides lugubris (arboreal salamander), A.
Composition and structure of helminth communities of the salamanders, Aneides lugubris. Batrachoseps nigriventris, Ensatina eschscholtzii (Plethodontidae), and Taricha torosa (Salamandridae) from California.
Aneides lugubris (arboreal salamander) is known from the late Pleistocene of Newport Beach Mesa, coastal California (Hudson and Brattstrom 1977).