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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They are, micht, nicht, lickt, weel, gane, ane, nane, stane, rowit, mirk, nocht, brocht, mair, sperit at, sair, hert.
It is good against the Gout; it comforts the heart and strengthens the memory; and the flowers, put into a Glasse, close stopt, and set into ane hill of ants for a month, then take it out, and you will find a liquor which comes from the flowers, which keep in a vial; it is good, ill or well, and whether man or woman."
The famous King of Carrick and his cooks perceiving the roast to be aneuch, commanded it to be tane fra the fire, and the Earl himself began the grace in this manner: `Benedicite, Jesus Maria, you are the most obstinate man that ever I saw; gif I had known that ye had been so stubborn, I would not for a thousand crowns have handled you so; I never did so to man before you.' And yet he returned to the same practice within two days, and ceased not till that he obtained his formost purpose, that is, that he had got all his pieces subscryvit alsweill as ane half-roasted hand could do it.
There's ane o' them has drawn bridle at the hottle, and he's speerin' after the leddy that cam' here alane.
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A spokesman for the academy said: "Anes Ownis did very well; at the end of the three rounds they were drawing.
A few days earlier, Muhahid Shaif, the secretary general of the local council in Dhamar, said tribal sheikhs in Anes had asked to avoid bloodshed and promised to hand over men accused of the banditry.
And in a book on the case Mr Anes attacked police for not sealing the flat to preserve evidence.
Anes has been promised the second quarter of every game by boss Bicknell.
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