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n.1.The herb dill, or dillseed.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As long as ANET is the system of record for collecting engagement reports, small teams use simple systems that reinforce ANET, not undermine it.
He departed Anet on July 17, eighteen days after crash landing.
Khartoum Aug 18 (SUNA) - The Member of the Steering committee of Abyei Administration has affirmed relative return of stability to Abyei area, pointing out that the memo of understanding recently signed between AL-Mysseria and Dinka Ngok has contributed widely to the calmness of the security situations in the area as well as the repatriation of Dinka Ngok to Abyei town after they fled earlier to the village of (Anet) and other villages fearing security tensions.
Fourteen of the 4th graders at Washington, D.C.'s Hope Community Charter School had chosen the right answer--1/3 and 5/15--on a test written for the school by Boston-based Achievement Network (ANet).
The key to Oregon's style of "galloping basketball," as Gregory put it, was point guard Bobby Anet, 5-8, the team captain who was a coach on the floor, because in that era, coaches were not allowed to signal plays or call timeouts.
Lawn tennis was invented at Nantclwyd Hall, near Ruthin, by the then owner, who went on to register a patent for the game, publish a book of rules, and market a kit of racquets, balls, anet and posts.
This third volume brings to completion a replacement for Ancient Near East Texts Relating to the Old Testament (ANET), the previous standard translation of Egyptian, Hittite, Syro-Palestinian, Mesopotamian and other ancient documents thought to be parallel to or to shed light on the meaning of the Hebrew Bible itself.
Anet Haithcox's Training The Mature Dog: New Strategies For Common Problems (0974540706, $9.95) tells how to train the older dog with established problems: a departure from most dog training guides which assume puppy status.
With long casts often disappearing into the mist, Richie put together anet of skimmers and roach to finish well clear of runner-up Bill Hamilton.
Photosynthesis (Anet) and stomatal conductance (gs) declined as VWC declined.
The couple have four daughters: Marinka, Terri, Anet and Kristina.