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Noun1.Angas - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to HausaAngas - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa
West Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in northern Nigeria; Hausa in the most important member
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'I will appoint persons with solutions to our challenges even if you're an Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani, Angas, Hausa or any other settler in the state.
Harold Cabunoc, 33rdInfantry Battalion commander, turned over the surrenderees to Sultan sa Barongis Mayor Ramdatu Angas.ndash John Unson, Ed Amoroso
"Kung akala nila ay lumabas na ang angas ni Manny against (Lucas) Matthysse sa Malaysia, mayroon pa siyang ilalabas ngayon (He has more to show after the Matthysse fight).
The 'Angas ng Tondo' banged in 21 points, lacing that with five three-pointers, to go along with four rebounds and six assists as the Pambansang Manok cruised past the Road Warriors.
Moreover, in person, he exudes an energy about him which I would like to describe as an 'angas factor'.
Richard Angas, who died last summer, was a leading operatic bass.
Nyala is the Swahili name for Nyala angasii, a spiral-horned antelope native to southern Africa, first described in 1849 by George Angas. The body length is 53-77 inches, and an average weight would be between 120-310 punds.
John led teams in the discoveries of the Angas zinc resource, the major portion of the Menninnie Dam zinc deposit, the White Dam gold copper deposit and several mineral sands deposits in the Murray Basin.
Tesco is releasing the cap with four of its bubblies - Mateus Sparkling Brut Rose; Tesco 1531 Blanquette de Limoux; Dino Durello Spumante; and Tesco Finest Angas Rose.
In order of planned start date, the 2009 scholars are Professor Fiona Wheeler (High Court Judges and non-judicial functions); Dr Robert Cribb (state finance in the Indonesian revolution 1945-1949); Dr Tatiana Gabroussenko (North Korean propaganda from 1994 to the present); Professor Kenneth Morgan (the ABC Orchestras); Mr John Arnold (a history of Sun Books); Dr Philip Jones (winner of the 2008 Prime Minister's award for non-fiction: natural history painter George French Angas); and Professor David Carter (Australian-American cultural relations).
There are many outstanding performances in the large cast, including Francois Le Roux as the evil Leandre, Sandrine Piau as Ninette (the only surviving princess), Natascha Petrinsky as the calculating Clarice and Richard Angas as a gigantic cook.