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Noun1.Angas - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to HausaAngas - a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa
West Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in northern Nigeria; Hausa in the most important member
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Sultan sa Barongis Mayor Ramdatu Mamalu Angas said more than 1,000 families remained at the municipal gym located at Barangay Baruraw while waiting for the waters to subside.
Richard Angas, who died last summer, was a leading operatic bass.
John led teams in the discoveries of the Angas zinc resource, the major portion of the Menninnie Dam zinc deposit, the White Dam gold copper deposit and several mineral sands deposits in the Murray Basin.
Tesco is releasing the cap with four of its bubblies - Mateus Sparkling Brut Rose; Tesco 1531 Blanquette de Limoux; Dino Durello Spumante; and Tesco Finest Angas Rose.
The wine importer, whose brands include Oxford Landing, Yalumba, Jim Barry and Angas Brut, has also appointed Ken Withers as national accounts manager.
There are many outstanding performances in the large cast, including Francois Le Roux as the evil Leandre, Sandrine Piau as Ninette (the only surviving princess), Natascha Petrinsky as the calculating Clarice and Richard Angas as a gigantic cook.
Businessman G F Angas, with whom Forster had been associated in the Northumberland Sunday Schools Society, employed him as his agent and attorney in South Australia.
Angas seemed a bit po-faced at times, but Hargreaves relished the comedy beautifully, especially in an updated version of Ko-Ko's Little List song, with its hilarious references to emailers, phone queuing and, best of all, 'George Bush's poodle Tony Blair.
Opera singer Richard Angas is back in Newcastle next week, a city with which his family has long-held connections.
Angas Hopkins* Nahrel Dallywater* Andrew Higham* Jeff Richardson* Irina Cattalini
Contrary to this traditional view, Iyengar found the eight angas were interdependent.