Angel fish

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An´gel fish

1.See under Angel.
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Juvenile blue angel fish are very common in Qatari water.
I was looking at Nemo's reef home: delicate angel fish, butterfly fish and of course the cute clown fish themselves, flanked by Blue Tang Dory, reminding me to "just keep swimming".
And even though he's no Angel Fish, there are far scarier fish in the sea.
Today, the eagerly awaited first open of the winter season goes ahead of the Derwent Reservoir, Sunderland FAC fish the second of their Winter Series on Silksworth, Big Waters fish their penultimate Senior League match on the River Tees at Over Dinsdale and the Angel fish the second of their Winter League Series.
Pink, black, blue, yellow, spotted ones, striped ones, angel fish and lionfish, all darting around amongst the rocks, reefs and urchins.
Pelagics, turtles, rays, rainbow runners, groupers, snappers, majestic Napoleon wrasse, clown fish, angel fish and parrot fish are common.
In a study they conducted on angel fish (Pterophyllum scalare), Kasiri et al (2012) evaluated the effect of feeding angel fish with earthworms, dried tubifex, dried Gammarus and granule feed on their growth and reproductive performance.
Try out less known variety of fishes -- like sordid sweetlips (Yanam in Arabic) or yellow bar angel fish (Anfooz).
We were also able to choose the fish ranging from Angel Fish, Guppies and Japanese Fighting Fish plus many more.
Some of the marine species that have made the new coral their home include an octopus, angel fish, yellow-spotted boxfish, different species of prawn and shrimps, Painted Sweetlips, orange-spotted grouper and surgeon fish.
An impressive grouper passed by like the king of this underwater metropolis while French angel fish eased their way through the coral, swaying in the gentle surf.