Angel fish

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An´gel fish

1.See under Angel.
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Pelagics, turtles, rays, rainbow runners, groupers, snappers, majestic Napoleon wrasse, clown fish, angel fish and parrot fish are common.
In a study they conducted on angel fish (Pterophyllum scalare), Kasiri et al (2012) evaluated the effect of feeding angel fish with earthworms, dried tubifex, dried Gammarus and granule feed on their growth and reproductive performance.
Try out less known variety of fishes -- like sordid sweetlips (Yanam in Arabic) or yellow bar angel fish (Anfooz).
We were also able to choose the fish ranging from Angel Fish, Guppies and Japanese Fighting Fish plus many more.
Some of the marine species that have made the new coral their home include an octopus, angel fish, yellow-spotted boxfish, different species of prawn and shrimps, Painted Sweetlips, orange-spotted grouper and surgeon fish.
Our year-round warm waters and untouched diving spots offer divers the chance to see coloured coral, shoals of Barracuda, Snapper, Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Reef Sharks and Whale Sharks, as well as nesting Hawksbill and Green Turtles, which has helped to make Oman one of the world's fastest growing dive destinations.
An impressive grouper passed by like the king of this underwater metropolis while French angel fish eased their way through the coral, swaying in the gentle surf.
Plus, larger animals such as angel fish, jellyfish, octopus, sea anemones, crabs, lobsters and even sea turtles were made from clear plastic salad containers, which formed the bodies, and pieces of soda bottles, which became the feet.
BEAUTIFUL BEDDING MY KOLACHI ANGEL FISH BABY BEDDING SET A SIX-PIECE organic cotton, vegetable dyed, chemical free hand-sewn baby bedding set including a quilt, flat sheet, two bolster cushions and two pillows.
including nurse sharks, angel fish, groupers, pork fish.
Other varieties of fish at the aquarium are terapon fish, parrot fish, box fish, jelly fish, goatfish, domino fish, angel fish, sting rays, three kinds of eels, bat fish, sea breams, and the dangerous lion fish aside from other colourful fish, endangered groupers, star fish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins.
There are beautiful animal replicas like horses, elephants, deer, angel fish and lots of other animals which can be used as perfume bottles also.