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n. pl. An·ge·le·nos
A native or inhabitant of Los Angeles.

[American Spanish Angeleño, after Los Angeles.]


n, pl -nos
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Los Angeles


(ˌæn dʒəˈli noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
Also called Los Angeleno. a native or resident of Los Angeles.
[1885–90; < American Spanish angeleño]


[ˌændʒəˈliːnəʊ] Nhabitante mf de Los Angeles


nEinwohner(in) m(f)von Los Angeles
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Mayor Garcetti said, This major financial investment in our city will boost our local economy and create good, middle class jobs for Angelenos, including those young Angelenos who train at the LAUSD Van Nuys aviation mechanic school right next door.
Since those vehicles did not cover the full territory of the former rail system, Angelenos had to resort to using personal autos.
According to Southern California officials for the American Red Cross, Angelenos, as a lot, are skittish about donating blood.
Despite a Rivalry with the Phillies that Spans Three Decades, Angelenos Find a Few Things from the City of Brotherly Love Hard to Resist
Of course, the Declaration of the Idiocy of All Angelenos isn't quite that blunt.
With all the cars and drivers here, Angelenos buy and sell millions of cars every year.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says he wants to treat Angelenos like adults, by encouraging them to voluntarily reduce water rather than forcing cuts.
She also will play an integral role in implementing new programs that expose Angelenos in all 15 City Council districts to the activities and legislative-related issues surrounding the nation's largest and most critical container port.
That's because, mindful of the danger, Angelenos reined in their celebration this year.
The City-owned aqueduct system is a key source of supply for Angelenos and is expected to meet about 60% of the City's water needs this year.
The result, as many Angelenos have witnessed firsthand, is the dispersal of many homeless into other neighborhoods, where there are no services for them.
G'Day LA: Australia Week 2006 and the promotion with Bristol Farms provide a great way for us to ensure that at least once a year, Angelenos get to taste, feel, wear, hear and see the best from Down Under, without ever leaving LA," says Kylie Hargreaves of the Australian Trade Commission here in LA.