n.1.A small gold coin formerly current in England; a half angel.
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Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid met with the ambassadors of Belgium Damien Angelet, Indonesia Ferry Adamhar, Spain Angel Losada and Sri Lanka Fiji Ratna.
Jum'a bin Ahmed Al-Ka'bi received the Kuwait-based Ambassador of the Belgian Kingdom accredited to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Damien Angelet.
2000, organise par Christian Angelet, Christian Berg et Marc Quaghebeur.
A common corollary is the presence of an editor who vouches for the manuscript's authenticity by stating the circumstances of its creation or discovery, and whose introduction to the text, most often through what Christian Angelet calls "an editorial and inaugural preface," (8) commonly serves to steer the reader towards an "appropriate" or correct interpretation, all the while eschewing responsibility for what follows.
ANGELET, N., WEERTS, A., "La mise en oeuvre par la Communaute Europeenne des mesures adoptees par les Nations Unies en matiere de lutte contre le financement du terrorisme ", Journal des Tribunaux (Droit Europeen), n.
Torres (2006), Nello (2001), Angelet (2000), Font (1999), Sanchez (1998), Monclus (1998), Lopez (1995), y Borja (1990) evidencian la descentralizacion del empleo y de la residencia en las areas metropolitanas de Madrid, Pais Vasco y Barcelona, y en Campesino, Troitino y Campos (1995) quedan en evidencia las tendencias de crecimiento demografico en la periferia de las ciudades espanolas en general.
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Addressing the event, Ambassador Bruno Angelet, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Viet Nam, affirmed that the Meet Europe 2018 conference would help to create new relationships and business opportunities between European companies and Vietnamese localities, in addition to attracting new investment resources.
| By Nawab Khan BRUSSELS, Feb 9 (KUNA) -- The Kingdom of Belgium and the State of Kuwait will this year celebrate fifty years of diplomatic relations, Belgian ambassador to Kuwait Damien Angelet told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
Angelet remarks on the oddity of placing "fourmiliere" and "bazar" in apposition to an adverb of place (127), but this syntax is a condensed version of a mode frequent in novelistic descriptions: the chain of synonyms which are never totalized in a final term and which thus suggest the ultimate facelessness of the city (Prendergast 57).
Speaking at a reception in Ha Noi on November 27 for the new Belgian ambassador, Bruno Angelet, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said much bilateral cooperation potential remains untapped, and that the two countries should focus their cooperation in such fields as economics, trade, investment, science and technology, and education and training.
| By Nawab Khan BRUSSELS, Feb 5 (KUNA) -- Belgium's Ambassador to the State of Kuwait, Damien Angelet, said the two countries are peace-loving nations with much in common, including keenness to ease global tensions.