Angelic Hymn

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a very ancient hymn of the Christian Church; - so called from its beginning with the song of the heavenly host recorded in Luke ii. 14.
- Eadie.

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The angelic hymn that begins the morning service, Seppala writes, includes the psalm phrase "open my lips, and my mouth shall declare thy praise." A Russian worship service book says it's there so men "might learn to sing like angels."
There was a lively Angelic Hymn by Bahmetev,a chanted setting of the Creed by Grechaninov, an almost Ital-ianate setting of Let My Prayer Rise to Thee by Lvov and an explosive version of Approve Our Faith by Kosolapov.
People think because I practice and teach yoga that I'm some sort of guru -- cue angelic hymns in the background -- and that I have everything figured out and am so peaceful.