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 (ān′jəl), Sir Norman 1872-1967.
British politician and pacifist. He won the 1933 Nobel Peace Prize.


(Biography) Sir Norman, real name Ralph Norman Angell Lane. 1874–1967, English writer, pacifist, and economist, noted for his work on the economic futility of war, The Great Illusion (1910): Nobel peace prize 1933


(ˈeɪn dʒəl)

Norman (Sir Ralph Norman Angell Lane), 1874–1967, English pacifist, economist, and writer: Nobel peace prize 1933.
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Angell in an article called "A Reconsideration of James's Theory of Emotion in the Light of Recent Criticisms."* In this article Angell defends James's theory and to me--though I speak with diffidence on a question as to which I have little competence--it appears that his defence is on the whole successful.
Angell suggests that the display of emotion in such cases may be due to past experience, generating habits which would require only the stimulation of cerebral reflex arcs.
Angell's conclusion, after discussing the experiments of Sherrington and Cannon, is: "I would therefore submit that, so far as concerns the critical suggestions by these two psychologists, James's essential contentions are not materially affected." If it were necessary for me to take sides on this question, I should agree with this conclusion; but I think my thesis as to the analysis of emotion can be maintained without coming to.
Here St John's Angell Town Church of England Primary School, 85 Angell Road, Brixton, London, SW9 7HH, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
There, it was spotted by W Randolph Angell, rousing in him not only a desire to own this particular car but also a lifetime passion for lovely cars.
Christine Angell, 61, fraudulently claimed nearly PS50,000 in housing benefit and employment and support allowance, telling investigators she did not think she was obliged to declare "gifts".
Christine Angell, 61, fraudulently claimed nearly PS48,000 in housing benefit and employment and support allowance, telling investigators she did not think she was obliged to declare "gifts".
Dubai United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates, November 16, 2017 --( Afridi & Angell recently held a seminar at the Dubai Capital Club on managing litigation and enforcement risks.
Which brings us to a review (under the headline, "The Abortion Battlefield") of two new pro-abortion books by a fellow pro-abortionist, Marcia Angell.
In the case of The House of Owls, Tony Angell's new book, however, 'a stare' might be more appropriate.
Local hero Myke Grimes provided the perfect start by winning the first heat but home nerves were evident as new capture Andy Angell, three times the British champion, was excluded from the second after wobbling at the gate.