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n.1.A French gold coin of the reign of Louis XI., bearing the image of St. Michael; also, a piece coined at Paris by the English under Henry VI.
2.An instrument of music, of the lute kind, now disused.
3.A sort of small, rich cheese, made in Normandy.
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Mihaja Raberahona, Saida Rasoanandrasana, Vonintsoa Lalaina Rahajamanana, Felana Ranaivo-Rabetokotany, Volatiana Andriananja, Fetra Angelot Rakotomalala, Mamy Jean de Dieu Randria, Luc Rakotovao, Corinne Marois-Crehan, Veronique Tocqueville, Fabrice Touzain, Mala Rakoto-Andrianarivelo
Une autre vitrine exposait des tracts de la campagne electorale qui venait de s'achever, une boite <<baroque>> en porcelaine decoree d'un angelot (une visiteuse m'a dit, avec etonnement et orgueil, avoir la meme chez elle).
Horses who have had exactly three runs are the ones to be on, so we are quickly down to a shortlist of just four horses, Kalmann, Saphir Du Rheu, Another Sensation and Angelot Du Berlais.
And he added to his unenviable record at the same track yesterday when matched at 1.18 in the juvenile hurdle before being outbattled close home by 13-race maiden Angelot Du Berlais after holding every chance.
Pereira, C., Yariwake, J., Lancas, F., Wauters, J., Tits, M., Angelot, L.
Participants included Angelot Bell, former official of the interior ministry, Mario Dupoy, former secretary of state, and Maryse Narcisse, former Cabinet president.
It also happens when one seems better because it is beautiful, because it is antique, or because of some other reason that motivates the person who wants to obtain it by barter, as every day it is evident that a real, (6) a ducat, (7) a doubloon, (8) and an angelot (9) seem lovelier than another of these.
Orleantin, Angelot, Navarrin, Guisin declament tout a tour une tirade qui regrette le declin du monde, le deces d'Henri II (cause presumee de l'acceleration de la guerre civile), et la prophetie de l'avenement d'un nouvel age d'or qu'apportera la venue du pasteur Carlin (Charles IX).
Angelot surprises Newland Richard Newland was surprised but happy after Angelot Du Berlais took the 2m juvenile hurdle after getting the better of a duel up the home straight with Sky Khan.
/ Je recognoy bien cestuy-ci, / Et ce double ducat aussi, / Un noble, un angelot encor: / C'estoit pour des brasselets d'or / Que Monsieur luy donna un jour." In this play, only the coins are honest.
derriere des blocs de buis disposes en chicane s'elevait une residence de trois etages qu'un etroit corridor vegetal bordait, meuble de tables et de chaises noircies de suie, surveillees par un angelot imputrescible.