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 (ăn′jərz, äN-zhā′)
A city of western France east-northeast of Nantes. Of pre-Roman origin, Angers was Anjou's capital.


(French ɑ̃ʒe)
(Placename) a city in W France, on the River Maine. Pop: 156 965 (2006)



a city in W France. 163,191.
References in classic literature ?
There would be the Java coast within two or three miles, off Angier Point.
In my youth, my favorite book was How To Stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angiers.
Clarke completed his hat-trick in the second period and Drew Donnelly made it 4-1 - but back came Fawdon and David Angiers reduced the arrears.
For the maternity hospital in Angiers, France, there's variations on a theme of the new mum meeting her baby, swimming underwater.
The newly launched program takes bartenders to Paris and Cointreau headquarters in Angiers to review the details of distillation, mixology and new bartending techniques.
This is symbolized in The Prestige by the continuous creation of new Angiers.
At yr ystumog, mwya tebyg mai Angiers Emulsion fyddai'n fwya priodol.
Two goals from Charlie Sullivan were enough for Jesmond Parish Athenians to overcome Tyneside Vineyard as they won 2-1, David Angiers netting for Tyneside.
Lo'Jo -Ce Soir La (IRL/Emma IRL 015) The staid town of Angiers on the banks of the Loire is not the first place you'd look for an eccentric and unpredictable counter culture band like Lo'Jo.
novelist Irvine Welsh taking a stroll down Angiers Street on Monday.
George Weatherly, David Angiers, Ian D'Arcy, Paul Davis and Matt Bradford were the other marksmen.
Simon Mosmeli opened the scoring, and after the break David Angiers and Guy Rae notched.