Angle of total reflection

(Opt.) Same as Critical angle, under Critical.

See also: Reflection

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To suppose the critical angle of total reflection is [[theta].sub.c], then, we could gain this formula [[theta].sub.c] = arcsin([n.sub.2]/[n.sub.1]).
Nevertheless, the lower side of the angular range of the first type of contribution is limited at least by the angle of total reflection due to the refraction effects, which sets the top limit on the size of the particles that can be evaluated.
The angle [[beta].sub.crit] for the grazing light (red line) is also called the "critical angle of total reflection," and from it, the difference between the indices of refraction of the two media can be calculated conveniently and accurately.
Refractometer is the more general term since the critical angle of total reflection is a peculiar aspect of reflection, thus all total reflectometers are also refractometers.
Firmly attached to the graduated circle is a telescope by means of which the critical angle of total reflection may be observed.
The critical angle of total reflection is observed, through a telescope with crosshairs, as a sharp bright/dark boundary, and its value is read out on a large divided circle.
Here, m is the increase of the angle of total reflection, or critical angle, as compared to natural Ni.