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or An·gle·sea  (ăng′gəl-sē)
An island of northwest Wales in the Irish Sea. It has many Neolithic ruins, especially dolmens, and is said to have been the last refuge of the druids from the invading Romans.
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Noun1.Anglesea - an island to the northwest of WalesAnglesea - an island to the northwest of Wales
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
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Ramsay has published an account of a downthrow in Anglesea of 2300 feet; and he informs me that he fully believes there is one in Merionethshire of 12,000 feet; yet in these cases there is nothing on the surface to show such prodigious movements; the pile of rocks on the one or other side having been smoothly swept away.
All this gyroscopic and mono-rail development naturally absorbed a vast amount of public attention, and there,was also a huge excitement consequent upon the amazing gold discoveries off the coast of Anglesea made by a submarine prospector, Miss Patricia Giddy.
Anglesea, an inspector with North Wales Police in Wrexham at the time, was "answerable to no-one" at the centre and would allegedly "inspect" the parade, make the youngsters do naked sit-ups and squat thrusts, then loiter around the showers "with a smirk on his face", it is claimed.
Derrick Daly, with an address at St Vincent's Hostel, Anglesea Terrace, Anglesea, Cork, was charged with the murder of Catherine Smart at her home in Bailick Court, Midleton, on April 4.
The witness, a former schoolboy friend of a teenager allegedly abused by former North Wales Police superintendent Gordon Anglesea, pictured, gave evidence at Mold Crown Court.
Gardai searching for the teen are appealing to anybody who may have found a mobile phone in the city centre to hand it in to Anglesea Street Garda Station.
IN 1994 Anglesea won a libel action against The Independent on Sunday, The Observer, HTV Wales and Private Eye magazine.
Self-employed builder Mark Taylor had even volunteered for a whole year to go to sessions run by Gordon Anglesea at a Home Office attendance centre in Wrexham after twice being ordered to attend by the juvenile courts.
The ombudsman adds: "I am concerned that the prison sent Mr Anglesea to hospital in an emergency ambulance, but did not make contact with his wife until three days later.
Gordon Anglesea, 79, was a retired North Wales police superintendent jailed for 12 years in November 2016 after being found guilty of historical child sex offences, charges angrily denied by his family who say he was innocent.
JAILED ex-policeman Gordon Anglesea was chained up in hospital despite a list of debilitating medical conditions, according to a Home Office investigation into his death.