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or An·gle·sea  (ăng′gəl-sē)
An island of northwest Wales in the Irish Sea. It has many Neolithic ruins, especially dolmens, and is said to have been the last refuge of the druids from the invading Romans.


(Placename) an island and county of N Wales, formerly part of Gwynedd (1974–96), separated from the mainland by the Menai Strait. Administrative centre: Llangefni. Pop: 59 500 (2003 est). Area: 720 sq km (278 sq miles). Welsh name: Ynys Môn


(ˈæŋ gəl si)

an island and historic county in Gwynedd, in NW Wales.
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Noun1.Anglesey - an island to the northwest of WalesAnglesey - an island to the northwest of Wales
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
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Mr Williams has complained to Anglesey council chiefs and Anglesey AM Rhun ap Iorwerth.
Welsh Government, the Isle of Anglesey County Council, and Menter Iaith Mn have worked together to produce the Welcome to Wales/ Welcome to Welsh booklet for individuals and families moving to the island from outside Wales.
Sean McCormick, CEO at Lateral Eco Parks, said: "We are delighted to have contracted on the former Anglesey Aluminium site at Holyhead.
Anglesey served as William and Kate's "first home" together ever since they got married.
Unveiling the campaign at the Anglesey Show, under the slogan "Making Anglesey Proud Again", AM Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said only Plaid can provide a strong team to give the right leadership to Anglesey.
The meeting is being hosted by Anglesey Council to find local solutions to problems brought about by the global downturn.
More than 7,500 fans were asked to leave the ground at half-time after Anglesey climbed one of the floodlight pylons.
In Lesotho with Roberts were Gareth Hughes, headmaster of the neighbouring Menai Bridge Primary School, and Toni Schiavone, humanities adviser with schools in Gwynedd and Anglesey.
In the interim, Anglesey will continue to pursue alternative sources of affordable power; however, no sources have been identified thus far that would enable the uninterrupted continuation of smelting operations.
The service will be for 8 units of accommodation based support, 4 in Anglesey and 4 in Gwynedd, as well as a minimum of 43 units of floating support, with 33 units in Anglesey and 10 in Gwynedd at any one time, as outlined in the Service Specification.
The purpose of the research is to improve understanding, and inform policy, on the impact of mass redundancy in vulnerable regions like Anglesey in a climate of economic uncertainty in Wales.
Anglesey also expects to be in a position to begin restarting the second of two lines in August after completion of switchyard repairs and following receipt of final reports in regard to the cause of a transformer failure.