Anglesey Island

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Noun1.Anglesey Island - an island to the northwest of WalesAnglesey Island - an island to the northwest of Wales
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
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Here, on Anglesey island, where the Menai Bridge provides the only fixed link between this red squirrel redoubt and the rest of the mainland Britain -- where the greys are dominant -- the British squirrels are preparing for a comeback.
The four-part series, a co-production for BBC One Wales and BBC Two, will follow the families over four weeks as they're exposed to the wild water and unpredictable weather of the Anglesey island.
On the recreational front there are several golf courses on Anglesey island including one in Rhosneigr, wonderful walking inland and also around Anglesey Coastal Path and motor racing at Ty Croes.