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also an·gli·cize  (ăng′glĭ-sīz′)
v. An·gli·cized, An·gli·ciz·ing, An·gli·ciz·es also an·gli·cized or an·gli·ciz·ing or an·gli·ciz·es
To make English or similar to English in form, idiom, style, or character: Some immigrants Anglicize their names when they move to the United States.
To become English in form or character.

An′gli·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.Anglicization - the act of anglicizing; making English in appearance
assimilation, absorption - the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
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The name is the anglicization of Onora, which is an Irish form of Latin word honoria meaning honour.
Forced "Cymraegisation" ( I just invented that term) is as bad as Anglicization, especially when it concerns teaching jobs, people's livelihoods and the future of English speaking schools.
Sophie's PhD research considers the cultural origins of Loyalism in New York as a consequence of 1690s Anglicization policies and the later Consumer Revolution, before analyzing the activities of Loyalists during the American Revolution and assessing their responses to its aftermath.
Chapter 1 by sociologist Ruben Rumbaut, explores the idea of the USA as a "language graveyard", and describes how, by the third generation, immigrant families become outsiders to their ancestral heritage through the pressures and process of Anglicization (p.
He therefore begins in the Elizabethan and Tudor period when Anglicization was viewed as a phase of the Reformation and directed at religious, rather than linguistic, recalcitrance.
While waiting for the next collection of international words in the making, let's hope the English when speaking the English that's not spoken in America don't find our writers' confusion over "premier" and "premiere" worthy of emulation, or Anglicization.
The railway in turn facilitated access to fairs and markets and alternative forms of entertainment, and, ironically, hastened a process of anglicization which contributed to the decline of Welsh balladry.
to see if the French race was ripe for Anglicization ..." (6)
Singh added that while knowledge gleaned from English is not harmful, the "Anglicization [that has] penetrated into youths in this country is dangerous." The comments by Singh appear to be partially directed towards programs that encourage the teaching of Indian children English so that they can more readily use the internet.
Accordingly, they looked to the process of anglicization to purge Jamaica's Afro-Creole culture of its so-called immoral and debauched "superstitions," thereby enabling the island to progress into a modern society based on the incorporation of middle-class Victorian, Christian values and morals.