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also an·gli·cize  (ăng′glĭ-sīz′)
v. An·gli·cized, An·gli·ciz·ing, An·gli·ciz·es also an·gli·cized or an·gli·ciz·ing or an·gli·ciz·es
To make English or similar to English in form, idiom, style, or character: Some immigrants Anglicize their names when they move to the United States.
To become English in form or character.

An′gli·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈæŋɡlɪsaɪzd) or


(Linguistics) (often capital) having become or been made English in outlook, attitude, form, etc


[ˈæŋglɪsaɪzd] anglicised (British) adj [name, version] → anglicisé(e); [person] → anglicisé(e)
to become anglicized → s'angliciser
References in classic literature ?
The English circle at Zurich (where I lived in my late master's service) Anglicized my name to Lecount.
He had repaired it with large patches of French, with words anglicized by a process of his own, and with native idioms literally translated.
More significant is the longest and chief of his satires, 'Don Juan,' [Footnote: Byron entirely anglicized the second word and pronounced it in two syllables--Ju-an.
It was last year that my grandnephew, who studies in a totally anglicized school, where the day begins with 'Good Morning Teacher' made me feel weirdly old fashioned and out of place.
The massacre of scores of Indians by the British Army in 1919 was when he fully entered the movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, giving up his career in law, and his anglicized lifestyle, which was common to wealthy Indian families at the time.
The story begins with young Li-ling, also called by the anglicized version of her name, Marie, recalling the sorrow of her father's suicide amidst the backdrop of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
Indeed, the German artist, who was formerly known as Andreas Hofer (in 2010 he adopted the anglicized name with which he's autographed his artworks since around 1999), has made a name for himself producing what might be called soiled modernism.
Or make that Donald Drumpf, the original name before the Donald's grandparents anglicized it.
Xavier Rodriguez, now a federal district judge in San Antonio, was knocked off of the Texas Supreme Court by Steven Wayne Smith in a race often attributed to Republican primary voters' preference for Anglicized names over Hispanic names.
Therefore, one criticism I have of the books in general is that the lyrics are mostly written in Anglicized Hebrew but no translation is provided.
Kaput began to appear in English writing in the late 19th century, generally in contexts where a German word would be appropriate or else printed in italics or glossed to show that it was not yet a fully anglicized word.
Nicholas Wolf undertakes a revision of the idea that between 1770 and 1870 Ireland was an anglicized kingdom.