Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

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Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

(Placename) the former name (1899–1956) of Sudan



1. a region in N Africa, S of the Sahara and Libyan deserts, extending from the Atlantic to the Red Sea.
2. Republic of the. Formerly, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. a republic in NE Africa, S of Egypt and bordering on the Red Sea: a former condominium of Egypt and Great Britain; gained independence 1956. 34,475,690; 967,500 sq. mi. (2,505,825 sq. km).Cap.: Khartoum.
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The Agreement between Egypt and Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 7 May, 1929 : This agreement gave Egypt complete control over the Nile during the dry season when water is most needed for agricultural irrigation.
1899-1955: South Sudan is part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, under joint British-Egyptian rule.
The assassination of Sir Lee Stack, Governor-General of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan in Cairo in 1924, provided British authorities with an answer to this question.

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