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Of, relating to, or between England and France or their peoples; English and French.
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1. of or relating to England and France
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to Anglo-French
(Languages) the Norman-French language of medieval England
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(ˈæŋ gloʊˈfrɛntʃ)

1. of, pertaining to, or involving England and France, or their peoples.
2. of or pertaining to Anglo-French.
3. the French language as used in England from the Norman Conquest to the end of the Middle Ages. Abbr.: AF
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Noun1.Anglo-French - the French (Norman) language used in medieval England
French - the Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France
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"Have the brethren come?" he asked, in the Anglo-French dialect used in religious houses.
Second, French loanwords provide English learners and teachers with concrete and interesting etymological examples of unique Anglo-French word formations that have long been forgotten by current language users and are neither defined nor explained in most current English dictionaries.
The Welsh, Irish, Italian and Scottish unions were against the Anglo-French plans but it's believed a peace deal is close to agreement following secret talks with representatives of Premier Rugby Limited, which is the umbrella body for England's top-flight clubs, in London.
"We've heard that other people want to be involved in European competitions, that's why we've left the door open and expect it to be more than an Anglo-French competition.
In a further development, it was reported that two Welsh regions had made initial inquiries about playing in the Anglo-French event.
The Anglo-French bloc argue they were left with no alternative than to do their own thing, given the intransigence of the celtic and Italian position.
A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948.
As Marion James so brilliantly points out in her book review of "A Line in the Sand: the Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948" by James Barr by saying, "Certainly, the description of fighting between the French occupiers and Druze rebels in 1925 could have been written by a modern correspondent." James adds this quote from Barr, "Scarcely a day or night pass but Damascus reverberates with the crack and roar of artillery and with the explosion of bombs and shells in the vicinity or outside the city." We all know that for centuries there has been self-interest, bullying and sowing of dissension.
The Society said the top three items resulted from Anglo-French scientific successes in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Their discussions are likely to focus on the eurozone debt crisis, Anglo-French relations and foreign policy, officials said.
Historically, the village of Krivolak is known for the Battle of Krivolak, a grand battle on the Balkan Front of World War I in which between October 17 and November 21, 1915, the Bulgarian forces held off and beat French divisions from the Allied Anglo-French forces in Thessaloniki advancing north, with the French being forced to retreat back to Greece.

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