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Noun1.Henry Sweet - English phonetician; one of the founders of modern phonetics (1845-1912)
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While the plates give the general reader a picture of what an Anglo-Saxon book looked like to an Anglo-Saxon reader, it is a pity that in a book so dependent on color illustrations, the quality of the color reproduction frequently leaves something to be desired.
Claudio Galderisi's essay, very much a tribute to Daniel Poirier, reminds the Anglo-Saxon reader how different French critical approaches can still be from English and American.
Gordon (London, 1937), 44; Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader in Prose and Verse, ed.
Dorothy Whitelock, in Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader in Prose and Verse (1876), ed.
Sweet (Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader, 156), Mitchell and Robinson (245), and Pope (68) substitute stefn for sydhdhan.
For the Anglo-Saxon reader it is a delight to peruse such accomplished Gallic writing so proficiently translated.