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Centered or focused on England or the English, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence: "[His] view of American culture from its very origins is almost truculently Anglocentric" (Jack Miles).

An′glo·cen′trism n.
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Even if Woolf's intent is to expose the vulnerable Anglocentrism of the Ramsay group, for instance, readers are not permitted outside the luminous halo of their subjective view of the archipelago.
In a familiar bit of Anglocentrism, this means that the proverbs are 'most entirely English, from beginning to end' and yet for 'British readers'.
"Good Girls, Bad Girls: Anglocentrism and Diversity in the Constitution of Contemporary Girlhood." All About the Girl: Culture, Power, and Identity, edited by Anita Harris, Routledge, 2004, pp.
This Anglocentrism evokes what John Di Stefano calls 'the displaced person who attempts to make tangible what is missing and absent'.
Given that more than a third of the novels read in Britain between 1660 and 1770 were translations of French fictions and fictions that seemed largely indifferent to the question of national origin until the mid-eighteenth century, one has to ask why this retroactive Anglocentrism has taken over the history of the novel.
Cherry and her daughter also represent the hope for a utopian, matriarchal society in which ethnic/cultural differences and traditional concepts of latinidad and Anglocentrism are questioned, and where paradigms of gender domination are subverted.
Above all, Song wants to delineate how "Milton's Anglocentrism is located within an international matrix" in hopes of revealing the poet's quest for an "elusive universality" (14).
One may also wonder about a critique of Anglocentrism that has so little to say about the Spanish-speaking Atlantic.