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 (ăng′glə-fīl′) also An·glo·phil (-fĭl)
One who admires England, its people, and its culture.

An′glo·phile, An′glo·phil′ic (ăng′glə-fĭl′ĭk) adj.
An′glo·phil′i·a (-fĭl′ē-ə) n.
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Adj.1.Anglophilic - characterized by AnglophiliaAnglophilic - characterized by Anglophilia  
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exhausted, and feeling Anglophilic having recently seen previews for "Downton Abbey" the movie and looking forward to next installments of "The Crown"!).
At first, many Southerners wanted a tariff to pay for the kind of government that could fight the next war with Britain, whereas New England's Anglophilic ship-owners denounced barriers to international trade.
In India, they learned the lingua franca, Hindustani, although the upper classes resisted assimilation to Indian customs as they shifted from a Middle Eastern to an anglophilic cultural identity.
Generally, however, it's not so much that Frankfurter was unsympathetic toward minorities as much as he was an assimilationist, eager for everyone to conform to his Anglophilic ideal.
"Darling Dorset" was made on commission in Southwest England for a travel magazine, and though No-Nonsense Faucets, Sherborne Castle has some of the focused peculiarity of the eggbeater drawing, the series overall is more conventional, an anglophilic ode to cream teas, tattered furniture, and lovely gardens.
Full of pageantry and larger-than-life personalities, the period is a favorite of the Anglophilic world.
At the risk of over-reading, one can argue that the embargo imposed by the couple on Sir Toby (a name inspired by Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and clearly delineating the Anglophilic worldview of Miss Stoneham) is symbolic of barring the minority from the mainstream.
The Receptionist, local controller of the hotel space, is initially associated with a very conservative notion of hotels as places upholding a traditional, Anglophilic version of Canadian culture; in the opening scene he pays scant attention to the Gonzalez family and the Social Worker (The Refugee Hotel 21-23) because he is on the telephone arranging to take his mother to English-style tea at Victoria's famed Empress Hotel.
He reinvented himself, moving from an Anglophilic Harry to the Kuan Yew that emphasized his Chinese heritage to the leader that pushed multiethnic Singaporeans to speak English to be competitive.
Be it a dhoti in Tamil Nadu or a kurta- pajama in north India, how can anyone stop you from wearing the national dress?" Social scientist Shiv Visvanathan, who though wants ' Anglophilic clubs' to change their rules, upholds the right of these private insti- tutions to allow whosoever they want to enter the premises.
As her final exempla, Goff uses the satire of Kobina Sekyi (1892-1956) (24) to illustrate how a Classical education was regarded by some West Africans as pernicious, creating an Anglophilic elite with inauthentic identities, and the suggestively-titled Ethiopia Unbound (1911) by Joseph Casely Hayford (1866-1930), (25) to demonstrate how Blyden's views on the purpose of a Classical education in West Africa were used by the author of what may be West Africa's first novel.
Also, Gilroy's "Black Atlantic" is unapologetically anglophilic and is restricted to the North Atlantic--U.S., Caribbean, and UK, not unlike his previous usage of the term.