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American Anglophobes will receive it with glee as yet another damning exposure of British villainy and inefficiency.
The National Review thought it "really stupefying" that the Liberal government appeared obsessed with "the Disarmament craze," and it poured scorn on "the mountebank at the Admiralty" (that is, Churchill) for his "platform performances[, which] are as idiotic to us as they are offensive to Germany, and play into the hands of the vast army of Anglophobes [in Germany] who preach a jehad against this country.
I'll be joining the queue of fellow footballing Anglophobes who'll be cheering on anyone against the Auld Enemy.
I am sure the Anglophobes in Westminster would agree with him - anything to break up England.
Donald Creighton's The Forked Road casts the Liberal government as Anglophobes who chose the American path and subjugated Canadian independence to the United States.
It also reflected ideological motives and baser prejudices, especially among anti-Semites and Anglophobes. Ethnic politics, then as now, shaped debate over foreign policy.
Certainly, Monroe and some members of his Cabinet may have been visceral Anglophobes, (230) but the same could not be said of Adams, Wirt, Thompson, Rush, Gallatin, and many members of the House.
ANGLOPHOBES Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini may hope to curb the influence of the English game with the introduction of the six-plus-five rule, but it is their Celtic neighbours who will suffer most.
side contained its share of Anglophobes, headed by Admiral King, the man about whom his sister famously stated that he was a most even-tempered man--"he was always angry." According to Roberts, King gave the Brits more headaches than any other commander, constantly pressing to have resources transferred to the Pacific.
I think we can safely call them Anglophobes. We are being Europeanised into extinction.
One of cinema's worst anglophobes is the former Australian actor-director Mel Gibson, whose 1995 paean to Scottish nationalism, Braveheart, portrayed the English as barbaric fiends, while in The Patriot he depicted an entirely fictitious massacre by British redcoats of innocent American churchgoers.
Unless BBC Wales and ITV Wales are made more acceptable to viewers it seems equally certain that they will be watched not by the majority of Welsh people, but only by ardent nationalists, anglophobes and others who feel they have a cultural duty to tune in.