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One who dislikes or fears England, its people, or its culture.

An′glo·pho′bi·a n.
An′glo·pho′bic adj.


a hatred or fear of England and things English. — Anglophobe, n., adj.
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Noun1.Anglophobia - dislike (or fear) of Britain and British customs
dislike - a feeling of aversion or antipathy; "my dislike of him was instinctive"
Anglophilia - admiration for Britain and British customs


[ˌæŋgləʊˈfəʊbjə] Nanglofobia f


nAnglophobie f (form), → Englandhass m
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Well, then, you shall have plenty of it; and first, I see you've not much more sense than some others of my acquaintance"(indicating me with his thumb), "or else you'd never turn rabid about that dirty little country called England; for rabid, I see you are; I read Anglophobia in your looks, and hear it in your words.
He begins with a discussion of Hegel's reform-bill article claiming that, contrary to the traditional view, it was not a sour mix of anglophobia and Prussian chauvinism but a shrewd analysis of the political situation as of mid-1831 which correctly identified the structural weaknesses of the existing British state, most notably its dominance by a corrupt and incompetent aristocracy, and pointed the direction that politics must take if the nation was to avoid revolution.
In addition to appealing to an unpleasant undercurrent of Scottish Anglophobia, the SNP promises its electorate the prospect of policies that are far to the left of anything that Labour's prime ministerial candidate, Ed Miliband, could possibly deliver.
A Call to Arms: Propaganda, Public Opinion, and Newspapers in the Great War (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004); Matthew Stibbe, German Anglophobia and the Great War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001); David Welch, Germany, Propaganda and Total War, 1914-1918: The Sins of Omission (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2000).
Roy repeatedly criticises the SNP for its Anglophobia, Europhobia, right-wingery and general eccentricities across the post-war period (pp.
That Nietzsche sneered at Darwin and scoffed at Spencer did not deter Mencken--these would be explained away as a function of the philosopher's intolerance, egotism, and acute Anglophobia.
25) Crawford told Stonehaven that the American actions at Geneva would undoubtedly cause a wave of Anglophobia to arise in the United States due to a number of things.
For one, he had none of the French Anglophobia stimulated by events like Mers-el-Kebir (the battle in 1940 off the coast of French Algeria when the British Navy attacked and destroyed much of the French fleet), which soldiers like Colonel Serge-Henri Parisot never got over even up to his death last February at age 100.
fleet commanders adroitly sidestepped King's mandate that the British fleet be self-sufficient, a concern that Sarantakes argues was based more on genuine logistical concerns than on King's alleged Anglophobia.
Calhoun as they waged their campaign, rife with Anglophobia, to annex Texas.