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also an·glo·phone  (ăn′glə-fōn′)
An English-speaking person, especially one in a country where two or more languages are spoken.

An′glo·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Languages) a person who speaks English, esp a native speaker
(Languages) speaking English


(ˈæŋ gləˌfoʊn)

n. (sometimes l.c.)
an English-speaking person, esp. a native speaker of English.


A. ADJanglófono
B. Nanglófono/a m/f


adj (= English-speaking) → anglophone
n (= English speaker) → anglophone mfAnglo-Saxon [ˌæŋgləʊˈsæksən]
nAnglo-Saxon(ne) m/f
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The insurgency erupted in late 2017 following a government crackdown on peaceful protests in the Anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions.
The leader of Cameroon's anglophone separatist movement was handed life sentence by a military court, local media reported Tuesday.
La Communaute anglophone Saint Sacrement de Brazzaville ayant pour aumonier, pere Cyriaque Onuoha, pretre religieux la Congregation du Saint Sacrement, etait dans la liesse generale en recevant, dimanche 7 juillet 2019, le pasteur propre de l'Eglise diocesaine, Mgr Anatole Milandou, archeveque de Brazzaville.
Request for proposal: Technical writers (2) for mobile money for the poor (mm4p) closing report and anglophone / francophone countries reports
Rao was writing in an era--which didn't really end until well into the 1980s--when Anglophone Indian literature was largely read within the paradigm of 'Commonwealth Literature.' The genteel inclusiveness of that paradigm was premised on the idea of English as one of a white colonial Prospero's many gifts, Anglophone writing itself a testament to the virtues of the imperial project, the disadvantages and depredations of colonial rule quietly elided in favor of the seeming ecumenicism of that house of many mansions, English Literature.
The Anglophone Literary-Linguistic Continuum: English and Indigenous Languages in African Literary Discourse
Contemporary anglophone radical poetry absorbs and rejects the imperative to be commensurate with the environment of its making ...
The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing
Mr Shewa, you argued that you were born in the Anglophone region of Cameroon and schooled in that region but born of Francophone parents.
An Anglophone separatist movement took up arms last year to demand independence for the North-West and South-West regions - the two English-speaking regions in a country where French is the most widely spoken official language.
Emmanuel Freudenthal of IRIN recently became the first journalist to spend time with an anglophone armed group, trekking for a week with them in the sun and rain, across rivers and up steep hills, through dark rainforests and fields of giant grass.
A CHAINE DE L'ESPOIR is presently operating in a few Francophone countries including Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.Liberia will be the first Anglophone - English speaking country- to benefit from the hospitality.