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also an·glo·phone  (ăn′glə-fōn′)
An English-speaking person, especially one in a country where two or more languages are spoken.

An′glo·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.
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(Languages) a person who speaks English, esp a native speaker
(Languages) speaking English
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(ˈæŋ gləˌfoʊn)

n. (sometimes l.c.)
an English-speaking person, esp. a native speaker of English.
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A. ADJanglófono
B. Nanglófono/a m/f
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adj (= English-speaking) → anglophone
n (= English speaker) → anglophone mfAnglo-Saxon [ˌæŋgləʊˈsæksən]
nAnglo-Saxon(ne) m/f
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Anglophones have since complained against the use of French in public institutions and schools as well as the adoption of the French-Cameroon legal system in courts across the country.
The simple fact that you were born in that region, schooled and very proficient in English language does not make you an Anglophone. This is because Anglophones are those whose parents must have their origin in one of the ethnic groups in Anglophone Cameroon.
More than 180,000 Cameroonians, mostly anglophones, are estimated to have been displaced during just eight months of conflict.
Cameroon's President Paul Biya has rejected the Anglophones' autonomy demands, prompting radicals to issue a full-blown but symbolic declaration of independence last October.
The restriction, however, does not apply to "administrative authorities, forces of law and order, persons and vehicles in possession of special authorisations to circulate and ambulances," the governor's order said, threatening to prosecute anyone who violates it.The turmoil in the two English-speaking regions has been on since October 2016 when a lawyers' and teachers' strike snowballed into a general outcry against marginalisation by the predominantly francophone government and calls for the secession of the minority anglophones.
Nevertheless, these linguistic criteria for certain public sector jobs, as well as for a growing number of service jobs in the private sector, have come under criticism from a number of unilingual anglophones who feel disadvantaged in the labour market.
Blocking the internet for such a long period will have added to the Anglophones' sense of economic, social and political marginalisation, BBC said.
In officially bilingual Canada, tradition holds that individuals who have French as their mother tongue are labeled Francophones, and those who have English as their mother tongue are labeled Anglophones. The latter make up 63% of the Canadian population while Francophones constitute a 21.4% minority.
(10) According to Fonlon, Anglophones and Francophones should meld into a new common culture that would obliterate differences between them.
Negotiating Identities: Anglophones Teaching and Living in Quebec.