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Noun1.Angolese - a member of the Bantu tribes resident in AngolaAngolese - a member of the Bantu tribes resident in Angola
Angolan - a native or inhabitant of Angola
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Baie daarvan le die klem op gebeure uit die verlede: van die oorlog in Biafra, toe buitelandse vlieeniers hul lewens gewaag het om kospakkies vir die honger Igbo's in te vlieg; tot die groot veldslae van die Angolese oorlog in die tagtigerjare.
The burgled cash and assets were reverted to Montesinos case, Peru (2005), the Marcos case, the Phillipines (2003), the Angolese assets case, Angola (2005) and the Abacha case, Nigeria (2005).
The saved worker is hospitalized, his life outside of danger, at a hospital in Angolese capital Luanda.
Houda Miled beat in the final, on Thursday, Angolese Antonia Morera, and Hana Merghena beat Cameroonian Honorine Mafeguim.
The Chinese are helping with postwar reconstruction, although the poverty rate is stuck at 75 percent of the population, and they have been accused of spurning Angolese labor.