Angkor Wat

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Ang′kor Wat′

(wɑt, vɑt)

also Ang′kor Vat′

the largest and best preserved Khmer temple in the Angkor complex of ruins.
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However, Stein isn't just interested in the food - he also gets to check out some of the sights as well as he visits the Angor Wat temple and takes a journey down the Mekong River in a rice barge.
Escape the rat race at Angor Wat, part of a trip to Thailand and Cambodia
Dydych chi'n neb os nad ydych wedi treulio blwyddyn yn crwydro i deml Angor Wat neu Macu Picchu (yn Cambodia mae'r gyntaf a'r ail ym Mheriw, Mrs Jones fach