Angular point

the point at which the sides of the angle meet; the vertex.

See also: Angular

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The model features a narrow band of LED headlights, similar to the flagship YZF-R1 sport bike, converging on an angular point that drops downward between carbon-fibre front splitters and pronounced air intakes, a tail end that follows the same format.
From [epsilon] only the size of the neighborhood in which value of a boundary point of function comes nearer to value of an angular point depends
It is their angular point. In vectors of values of the first () and the second () arguments 2 sub vectors of arguments of the patches functions set by submatrixes are also allocated.
On images of matrixes fragments the black background marked out values 0.25 in one of angular points. It is shown that angular values really don't depend on e.
Certainly, existence of a methodical error of "cut-glue" approximation on boundary lines of description area of dependence, and, especially, in angular points is limitation of the method.
In marching cubes algorithm, in the same surface of voxel, there will be two possible connection means if an angular point whose value is 2 and an angular whose value is 1 are respectively located on two ends of diagonal.
Sometimes, you should look at things from an angular point of view.
The minimum increment value must be at least 0.1[degrees] and the maximum number of angular points must be less than 720.
Small pieces can wedge into shoes, and the pebbles' angular points can then mar wooden surfaces like decks or floors.