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Noun1.Angular distance - the angular separation between two objects as perceived by an observerangular distance - the angular separation between two objects as perceived by an observer; "he recorded angular distances between the stars"
latitude - the angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself
longitude - the angular distance between a point on any meridian and the prime meridian at Greenwich
celestial latitude, dec, declination - (astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial body north or to the south of the celestial equator; expressed in degrees; used with right ascension to specify positions on the celestial sphere
celestial longitude, right ascension, RA - (astronomy) the equatorial coordinate specifying the angle, measured eastward along the celestial equator, from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle that passes through an object in the sky; usually expressed in hours and minutes and seconds; used with declination to specify positions on the celestial sphere; "one hour of right ascension equals fifteen degrees"
angle - the space between two lines or planes that intersect; the inclination of one line to another; measured in degrees or radians
HA, hour angle - (astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial point measured westward along the celestial equator from the zenith crossing; the right ascension for an observer at a particular location and time of day
true anomaly - the angular distance of a point in an orbit past the point of periapsis measured in degrees
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The instant of conjunction does not necessarily correspond to the moment of least angular separation between the two bodies (compare appulse).
This sharp slope creates ideal conditions for observing Mercury even when its angular separation from the Sun isn't exceptionally large.
Consider two coherent sources from 10.1[degrees] and 10.1[degrees] + [DELTA][theta] with the angular separation [DELTA][theta] ranging from 3[degrees] to 10[degrees].
As shown in Figure 1, a total of [N.sub.cams] = 24 CCD cameras (Basler acA645-100gm containing a 0.5" Sony ICX414 monochrome sensor, 659 by 494 pixels of size 9.9 x 9.9 [micro]m) were mounted on one plate, with a constant angular separation of [theta] = 7.5[degrees] in one plane within a total fan angle of 172.5[degrees] around the burner.
When they tested the revamped algorithm, researchers found they achieved "better than 3 millimeters of accuracy, and with two frames acquired with a small angular separation, (they) could provide surgical navigation more accurately than a conventional tracker."
In the first experiment, we investigate the effect of the angular separation [DELTA][theta] between the desired signal and the interference, where [DELTA][theta] = [[theta].sub.u] - [[theta].sub.d].
However, our methods can resolve M-1 sources if the angular separation is not too small.
In order to adequately adjust the feeder, these positions are limited to an angular separation of 5[degrees], so the selected angular positions are: 50[degrees], 45[degrees], 40[degrees], 35[degrees] and 30[degrees].
Although the nearly full disk at small angular separation from the Sun possesses a rather tiny disk diameter, this is the phase at which the observer can catch and recognise large atmospheric structures most easily, particularly in ultraviolet light.
The small angular separation between the foreground and background galaxies gave the current team an opportunity to investigate the effect of gravitational lensing on the properties of the background galaxy.