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Any of a breed of hornless beef cattle that originated in Scotland and are usually black but also occur in a red variety. Also called Black Angus.

[After Angus, former county of Scotland.]


(Placename) a council area of E Scotland on the North Sea: the historical county of Angus became part of Tayside region in 1975; reinstated as a unitary authority (excluding City of Dundee) in 1996. Administrative centre: Forfar. Pop: 107 520 (2003 est). Area: 2181 sq km (842 sq miles)


(ˈæŋ gəs)

1. Formerly, Forfar. a historic county in E Scotland.
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Noun1.Angus - Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women
Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland - an island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
2.Angus - black hornless breed from ScotlandAngus - black hornless breed from Scotland  
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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THIS week I was disgusted to read that Angus District Council - a self- proclaimed SNP model council - has agreed to write off pounds 3-4million of bad debt in community charge.
Angus District Council is considering pulling the plug on the Rose Queen ceremony, which started in 1936.
Flo, a rent collector with Angus District Council, said: "I definitely want to go to the World Cup as the atmosphere will be brilliant.