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Noun1.Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson - English writer of novels and short stories (1913-1991)
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answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Angus Wilson; Florrie Forde; Exmoor, Devon; 1905 REMEMBER WHEN: 1998 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: Terry 35, children 10, 12, and 13 years WORDWISE: A WHO AM I: Jo O'Meara 10 QUESTIONS: 1 14th (1388), 2 The Black Sea, 3 24, 4 Desmond Dekker, 5 University Challenge, 6 Tungsten, 7 Chickenpox, 8 MP, 9 Popeye, 10 repent at leisure
Even earlier, Angus Wilson wrote his remarkable novel Hemlock and After, in 1952.
Its community of writers was founded by Sir Angus Wilson and Sir Malcolm Bradbury in 1970, and its graduates have included the likes of Kazuo Ishiguro, Ian McEwan, and Rose Tremain.
London-based insurer Neon said it has promoted Angus Wilson head of marine.
? Rugby Welsh missed out 13-11 at home to Keresley in a fractious encounter, Angus Wilson kicking two penalties for the home side each side of a Matty Richards try in the corner.
Bideford had taken the lead on 15 minutes when Brakes keeper Tony Breeden missed his kick, allowing Angus Wilson to slot into an empty net.
An estimate by the Cambridge historian Angus Wilson reveals that in 1700, India's share of the world income was 22.6 percent comparable to the entire income of Europe which was then at 23.3 percent .
Their forwards were the most likely route to a score, and it was not undeserved when prop Chris King strode over for a try that full-back Angus Wilson converted.
The chapter 'Evil Men: Literature and Homosexuality, ranges from Terence Rattigan to Angus Wilson and Mary Renault via a discussion of Peter Wildeblood's autobiography Against the Law (1955) and space is also given to Rodney Garland's The Heart in Exile (1953).
I have taken two essays, Steven Jacobi's and Andrzej Gasiorek's, as examples of the fascination with an individual literary figure, namely Angus Wilson and Graham Greene, respectively, and two other essays, Bernard Bergonzi's and John Mepham's, as examples of the concern with a single decade of British literature, namely the 1960s and the 1930s, respectively.