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Black Angus

See Angus.
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Ab′erdeen An′gus

one of a breed of hornless beef cattle having a smooth black coat, orig. raised in Scotland. Also called Black Angus.
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Noun1.Black Angus - black hornless breed from Scotlandblack Angus - black hornless breed from Scotland  
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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In 1967, my mother purchased the purebred Angus cattle from Dwight D.
A change of direction was needed - and now a herd of alpacas occupies the farmland where Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle once grazed at Beavers Hill near Manorbier on the Pembrokeshire coast.
They raise commercial Red Angus cattle and grow wheat, hay and pumpkins.
A herd of alpacas now occupies the farmland where Herefords and Aberdeen Angus cattle once grazed at Beavers Hill near Manorbier.
The Hexhamshire family sold six Angus cattle; three steers and three heifers all at the same age to average a very worthy PS1120.
Attwell Farm has been a family business for 55 years, breeding pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle, Suffolk sheep, turkeys and more, which it sells from its farm shop.
CAPN1 4751 CC, CT and TT genotype frequencies were found 0.41, 0.48 and 0.11, respectively for Aberdeen Angus cattle by Gill et al.
In addition, the beef comes from grass-fed Angus cattle raised in Wagga Wagga, a city in New South Wales known for its stunning gardens and greenery.
MEYER (2007a) showed that genetic variance between carcass traits in Angus cattle could be performed using more parsimonious models (i.e., considering a subset of genetic principal components).
Based in Aberdeenshire, the family farming business raises Aberdeen Angus cattle, quality sheep and grow their own vegetables.
They then relocated to Massachusetts and, in 1957, settled in Bolton, where they raised Angus cattle and horses on their farm.