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A dormant state induced by drought in which an organism becomes almost completely dehydrated and reduces its metabolic activity to an imperceptible level, occurring in small invertebrates such as tardigrades and in some plant seeds.

an·hy′dro·bi·ot′ic (-ŏt′ĭk) adj.
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Objective: The current proposal revolves around the dehydration induced state, anhydrobiosis - a survival strategy found among a range of life-forms in face of severe desiccation.
This species is a good example of anhydrobiosis (life with no water).
Typical processes used are lyophilization and anhydrobiosis.
2010) nematode viability is affected when suddenly exposed to dry soil, but if humidity is decreased progressively, the nematode can adapt and enter anhydrobiosis.
The core technology is designed for use in preserving complex biological samples and assays and is based on the principles of anhydrobiosis ("life without water"), a natural mechanism that allows multicellular organisms to survive extreme environments.