a.1.Like an animal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Leading up to the Ramlila, the Centre's most famous production, staged as a monumental open-air shadow play in October 1941, he tasked students with creating movements that were "animalish, devilish, Ghostly or God-like, anything but unhuman-like" and actions associated with particular professions: "a dhobi, a dyer, a doctor, lawyer, sweeper, water-carrier, or anything you like." (42) On some days, his instructions were minimal.
I'm writing honest moments and people who are themselves and people who make fun of themselves and are silly and childish and unsophisticated and warm and generous and loving and full of toughness too and original and sexy and rough and animalish and playful and have guts and a red red tender heart bursting crying at small wonderful irrational things at moments at hot moments that steam and penetrate our brains and sizzle like a / branding iron into the marrow and make us horny and I like trying to put words to these moments give particulars and hand them delicately to people like Lydia and I want them from her too that is my only demand on anyone because that is life is all life is moments doesnt she think and I think she does and she does among other things when the moment's right.