Animated picture

a moving picture.

See also: Picture

References in classic literature ?
The bands played, and so did the fountains; the moon and the gas lamps lit up the scene, and altogether it was a brilliant and an animated picture.
meet Pax Executiveproduced by Jolie, it's an animated picture about a young Afghani girl's struggle to support her family after her dad is taken by the Taliban.
Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig's hilariously bleak introduction of the best animated picture nominees was among the show's best and funniest moments, too, making the star-studded audience laugh several times.
Batman: The Killing Joke , the animated picture from Warner Bros and Fathom Events, was produced to be a home-video production.
This theme of integration, of hybridity, also comes across in Alexopoulos's placement of the hard marble so that it seems to flow like liquid from the animated picture of a waterfall in the diorama.
8220;To my knowledge, there has never been an action hero from an African descent in any major motion animated picture, children's book, or comic book.
Frozen won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Picture this week and is a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination when they're announced tomorrow.
The raindrops and the splashed droplets echo each other, forming an animated picture of water dancing up and down.
Two (Egypt, 2012), is a stop-motion animated picture, with no dialogues, about a busy father and his playful daughter, and how they make peace after an impatient exchange.
Previously exclusive to Windows Phone 8, these extras include Smart Shoot, Action Shot, Panorama and self-shot feature, while the Cinemagraph shoots a few seconds short video and transforms in into an animated picture (gif).
She commended "Brave," which won best animated picture, as setting a positive example for girls.
There was even an animated picture of my character.