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n.1.In Guam and the Philippines, an idol, fetich, or spirit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Before cooking, the Tinguian would open the pig's stomach, interpret the alignment of its entrails, and ask for guidance from an anito or ancestral god.
Other singles winners were Kabacan's Jairo Ramirez (10-unisex), Klayton Dino (boys' 12-U) and Saldivar (boys' 16-U; local bet Brent Magno (boys' 18-U); and Alamada's Ysabel Wong (girls' 12-U) and Zykla Cervantes (girls' 18-U) while the Carvajals (girls' 18-U), Avril Anito and Ayessa Dino (girls' 14-U) and Kim Belotindos and CJ Ramirez (10-unisex) also shone in doubles competition.
The Carvajals also banner the 16-U field along with Faith Anito and Mae Torrecarion with Reyman Saldivar, Steve Aton, Gene Espinosa and JV Comendador seen to slug it out in the boys' category of the event that also features the 12-U section in both sides.
Team DAVRAA is composed of Andrei Joshua Guingguing, Charles Ken Chiu, Anthony Elorde, Carlos Angelo Lacerna, EJ Cabiles, Lance Anthony Resemiento, Charles Andrae Demeray, Aivan Rey Cajegas, Rommel Bactat Jr., Victor Jerald Lagundi, Art Romeo Eroy, Joerby Anito, Karlos Daniel Donado, Matthaeus Henricus Lim, Cristo Kenya Castillo and Fritz Navaeh Gerong with Ronald Manabit as coach.
Bernardo Carpio, having conquered the Moros, goes off to fight against 'idolaters', worshippers of anito or spirits.
A tal efecto, el autor elabora, para finalizar, un pasaje de un dialogo ficticio entre Socrates y Anito en el que el primero es llevado a aceptar que la democracia es la mejor forma de gobierno posible.