Ankle bone

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the bone of the ankle; the astragalus.

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He had a scab on the inside right ankle bone and spoke with a Scottish accent.
There's a piece above his ankle bone that just won't go away, which the surgeon has seen.
An ankle bone from 52 million years ago shows that the world's oldest primates were able to leap between tree branches like acrobats.
The former leg-spinner, in his writ lodged in January 2015, said he had endured several injuries through his career, including an ankle bone fracture, cartilage damage to his right knee, nerve damage affecting both hands and wrists, bone fracture to right elbow, finger pain in both hands and rotator cuff displacement in his right bowling shoulder.
A Thigh bone B Collar bone C Ankle bone D The spine 10.
Topshop lists the transparent jeans as 'MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans' and is described as 'a straight leg cut' with 'classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone.
Another top tip is to opt for a cropped length about one inch above the ankle bone.
Also called "dancer's tendonitis," flexor hallucis longus tendonitis is an inflammation or tear in the tendon that travels under your calf muscle, inside the ankle bone and along the bottom of the foot to help point the big toe.
Ordo is a traditional game of ankle bone shooting involving ankle bones of a sheep or goat.
Every time I'm training the ankle bone is rubbing off the Achilles.
James bruised an anKle bone in the Sheffield Wednesday game and he has carried on playing on it," explained Robins.
Flat versions that sit just above the ankle bone are more flattering on shorter legs (I speak from personal experience).