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Noun1.ankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankleankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankle  
bangle, bracelet - jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration
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Robert Fisher, the attorney for the 14-year-old, asked that the ankle monitor be removed because it is visible and because the boy "is no threat of flight, and certainly no threat to the community."
Meeting with a witnessAfter several months in prison, the court decided that the Canadian professor would be prosecuted outside prison and would have to wear an ankle monitor, in September 2018.Nonetheless, Scheffel met with one of the girls in February 2019, and the court decided he would be prosecuted in prison a few weeks after, ?ref=av-leftthe regional Korzar daily reported."It was rather a coincidental encounter outside a department store, so two contradictory claims stand against each other," Lipsic said in early March.
He wore an ankle monitor on his right leg in his home in Alexandria, Virginia.
After the Cass County State's Attorney's Office successfully prosecuted the case, Masud served 10 days in jail and 180 days with an ankle monitor, was placed on one year of unsupervised probation and ordered to pay $250,000 in restitution by Judge Tom Olson.
Among conditions of her bail, the 46-year-old executive must wear an ankle monitor and stay at home from 11 p.m.
He was granted parole, on the condition that he should be under house arrest, wear an ankle monitor and inform his parole officer of his whereabouts at least once a week.
Earlier, Han had been detained for a while as she tried to leave France to visit her gravely ill father in Taiwan and cut off her ankle monitor, according to the France Bleu news site.
She spent five days behind bars before the bond was reduced and she was sent home with an ankle monitor, according to the suit.<br />"Despite plaintiffs' attempts to insinuate otherwise, Ms.
This is not the first time a local sex offender wearing an ankle monitor has left the country.
The child has all the freedom of a felon with an ankle monitor.