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A large ankylosaurian dinosaur of the genus Ankylosaurus of the Cretaceous Period, having a clubbed tail. Also called ankylosaur.

[New Latin Ankylosaurus, genus name : Greek ankulos, crooked, bent + Greek sauros, lizard.]


(ăng′kə-lō-sôr′əs) or an·ky·lo·saur (ăng′kə-lō-sôr′)
A large, plant-eating dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period having a squat, heavily armored body and a clubbed tail.
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Noun1.ankylosaurus - having the back covered with thick bony platesankylosaurus - having the back covered with thick bony plates; thought to have walked with a sprawling gait resembling a lizard's
armored dinosaur - dinosaurs having bony armour
genus Ankylosaurus - armored herbivorous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous
Edmontonia - heavily armored and highly spiked dinosaur with semi-upright posture