Anna Ivanovna

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An·na I·va·nov·na

 (ä′nə ē-vä′nəv-nə) 1693-1740.
Empress of Russia (1730-1740) who intervened in the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1738) and attacked Turkey (1736).

An•na I•va•nov•na

(ˈɑ nə iˈvɑ nəv nə)
1693–1740, empress of Russia 1730–40.
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The book of Gennady Kulik will take its worthy place in the fund of the Scientific Library of the Stavropol State Agrarian University and will be actively used in the educational and scientific activities of the university, - the deputy director of the largest university and the only specialized library on agricultural topics Anna Ivanovna Smorodina is convinced.
The ice palace of Empress Anna Ivanovna was built in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1740.
In volume two, when Ghenete Zelleke's text 'Gifts, Diplomacy and Foreign Trade: Du Paquier Porcelain Abroad' discusses the elephant pot--a rare product of the factory (only one other example has survived, now in the Sullivan collection), probably made as a gift from the Emperor to the Tsarina Anna Ivanovna in St Petersburg--it reappears.