Anna Ivanovna

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An·na I·va·nov·na

 (ä′nə ē-vä′nəv-nə) 1693-1740.
Empress of Russia (1730-1740) who intervened in the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1738) and attacked Turkey (1736).

An•na I•va•nov•na

(ˈɑ nə iˈvɑ nəv nə)
1693–1740, empress of Russia 1730–40.
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Mi primer amor tampoco podra entretenerlos: hasta antes de conocera Anna ivanovna, mi esposa, no me enamore de nadie, y todo nos salio maravillosamente: nuestros padres hicieron de casamenteros, muy pronto llegamos a querernos y nos casamos sin perdida de tiempo.
Soon after his return, given the inconclusive result of his first expedition, Bering submitted a proposal for a follow-up expedition (the Great Northern Expedition or Second Kamchatka Expedition) to the Tsarina Anna Ivanovna, and it was readily approved.
The ice palace of Empress Anna Ivanovna was built in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1740.
In volume two, when Ghenete Zelleke's text 'Gifts, Diplomacy and Foreign Trade: Du Paquier Porcelain Abroad' discusses the elephant pot--a rare product of the factory (only one other example has survived, now in the Sullivan collection), probably made as a gift from the Emperor to the Tsarina Anna Ivanovna in St Petersburg--it reappears.